The ten Day Weather Forecast For Menorca

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Why are we obsessed with the climate and why is it that weather sites online are so well visited, especially the ones labeled “The ten day Forecast.” Menorca is a wonderfully different holiday island and yet the question of your weather always intrigues would be visitors so let’s take a few minutes to explain.

Is it me or does everyone like to look at the weather forecast for Menorca before going on holiday, especially the ten Day Forecast. Hands up all of you who do the same as me! There is certainly a Menorcan legend that the Winds of Menorca change people’s personalities! Call me a septic but I do such as the legend, but true or not several visitors do become regulars as a result of their initially visit.

Obviously the climate has a strong impression on visitors. Menorca’s weather, as one would think, is Mediterranean. Summer temperatures reach into the low 30s but the average is a comfortable 24?C. Winter sees a marked drop with some and sunny periods but the average temperature is fall in winter to 11?C, but you’ll find still sunny days with tempertures reaching 15? or 16?.

The rainfall is low with most rain falling inside the autumn. Having said that rainfall varies throughout the island and is highest within the North and also the interior and lowest within the south eastern parts. Menorca has a cool north wind, known because the Tramuntana, which tempers the temperature and has resulted while in the unique Minorcan landscape.

I have been on holiday in early September and suffered gales. In September 2003 there have been these adverse weather problems one evening that the ferries from Barcelona have been delayed and significant damage occured in nearby Mallorca. In October 2008 we chanced the weather with a weeks break and could not have wished for better weather so late inside season. October can be a wet month but we have taken a holiday in mid October and had glorious weather save for one evening when it rained heavily but it was only a passing thunderstorm.

The Menorcan season is brief but we have never had a holiday ruined by rain in all our Menorcan holidays. The UK weather can be problematical but Menorca will give you warm evening and sunny day for significantly much more with the year than anywhere within the British Isles. If all you want may be the current disorders here would be the forecast!

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The ten Day Weather Forecast For Menorca

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This article was published on 2010/12/11